The brand - Dapperia Gentleman's Supply

The brand Heritage

Dapperia luxury brand is creativity, passion for fashion and details. It was born from a young Neapolitan entrepreneur who, thanks to his parents, immediately knew the fashion sector fully. A fascinating and captivating world that immediately conquers you and hardly leaves you.


In his life there have been several experiences in this sector that certainly have increased his knowledge, the attention to detail of a refined and elegant clothing, to the world of accessories that characterize even more what is the refined style. Naples is famous all over the world for its sartorial culture so it was difficult to find information and approach what was his greatest passion.

The move to London, a city whose common thread with Naples is the search for detail and elegance, turns out to be a great opportunity because if on the one hand it can deepen what is the style and the particular and the breaking of the typical schemes of a city like London on the other is approaching a new concept not only of style but of avant- garde in spreading its passion in a world that now travels at the speed of light.

And this is why an ambitious and typical project of a Neapolitan dreamer was born.

Dapperia is an elegant luxury product and certainly linked to the classic to the tailoring but young and contemporary just like the world around us. A project that is certainly in step with the times.