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The Importance of Made in Italy

Art, culture, fashion, rich history, you name it, Italy has got it. 

Over the years, many brands have come up with fashion products to replicate what the prominent designers in the world put on runway shows. Currently, almost three-quarters of fashion products are from India and China. We enjoy the ability to buy an imitation of a designer outfit at affordable prices from many stores worldwide. However, one thing that remains clear is that we can try to buy all the imitations we want, to quench the thirst and desire for Italian clothing and accessories, but the quality, class, and topnotch craftsmanship put into producing these Italian fashion products are unmatched. No amount of imitation from brands can take away what holds Italian style and the top of the fashion ladder.

Italy is a beautiful country in Southern Europe, and everything about it screams art and culture. The probability that it is one of the most selected dream destinations by many worldwide is very high. Many wish to visit Italy in their lifetime, and those who do would not mind going back for a second or perhaps a third time. So what is it about Italy that makes it so beautiful? Italy has so much to offer from aesthetic experiences of the beautiful landscapes, towns filled with a lot of culture, stunning views, and beautiful food; it is safe to say that Italy is addictive and a charm. You get to experience beauty and history simultaneously, from Rome to Venice, and understand how the two intertwine to create modern-day Italy. Art, beauty, and heritage make Italy magical; good food, good wine, good culture, impressive history. Everything about art and heritage is incorporated in all aspects of their lives, and Italian clothing is not left behind on this front.

There is always something that lights up inside us when you get a product made in Italy. The thoughts that often come to mind are the design, craftsmanship, and authenticity of the garment or accessory. It is no secret that the work put in by Italian designers and artisans to create high-quality clothing and accessories is more than 100% more than what many brands deliver in their designs and products eventually. Fashion products made in Italy are worth every penny you spend on them because the process of production is very selective and precise, paying attention to all the details that make up the final product. One crucial detail in the manufacturing of these products is the craftsmanship.

Anyone acquainted with fashion knows how much craftsmanship means to Italian brands. Italian craftsmanship has a lot of value. It is linked to traditions and has been passed down from generation to generation for centuries now. While some of the traditions might have changed over time, the skills, knowledge, and techniques used in craftsmanship are still being passed down, with schools also being set up to rediscover the old crafts. Craftsmanship is a form of expression; it expresses people's creativity and their humanity as well. It is well blended in the Italian heritage and the products made in Italy. And, with the advancement in technology over the years, Italian clothing brands have seen an opportunity to incorporate technology as an innovative tool with their traditional crafts to create the best-handcrafted products in the market. So instead of technology being the end of handcrafting, it has helped this skill get better.

Italian craftsmanship is vital because you get good quality of things, accessories, and clothing alike. Many brands opt for faster and cheaper ways to come up with some of the materials that are used in the fashion industry, leather, and wool, to name a few. However, Italians opt for the traditional ways that may take time but bring out high-quality products that are stronger and durable than the rest in the market. For instance, instead of tanners using chemicals to dye leather, Italian artisans hew leather using natural liming and dying, creating flexible leather, provides more comfort and is very durable than the others. Likewise, Italian mills do not use water filled with salts and minerals to wash wool because they form thin and suppress color films. Instead, these wool mills use water from the Swiss Alps Glaciers, and the result is good quality wool. Italian silk is also of very high quality that cannot be compared to the rest, making clothing and accessories like silk ties, lapels, and pocket squares unmatched.

Italians believe that good things take time; their wine will stay for years and years in barrels to produce the best-tasting wine after many years, time! Time makes the difference in an Italian Bespoke suit and other suits because while other brands will make more suits in a week, an Italian tailor may take almost 50 hours to perfect one suit, and the result speaks for itself. Italians pay attention to the trim detailing on their outfits, shoes, and accessories. This starts right from selecting raw materials, selecting color combinations, and the handcrafted designs in each piece, making sure that every suit, shoe, tie, and handbag makes a statement.

Crafted products can withstand the test of time, and like the craftsmanship used in their production, they can be passed down many generations while in good condition. Italian craftsmanship is all about the effort, creativity, functionality, and uniqueness that make products made in Italy stand out.

Italy is all about the art; from the era of the renaissance, it has produced some of the greatest artists of all time; Michelangelo, Leonardo Da Vinci, Caravaggio, and Botticelli. To date, Italy is known for some of the most notable artists in the fashion industry with brands such as Versace, Ferragamo, Dolce&Gabbana, Giorgio Armani, who have made it evident in their clothing that art is in the blood of Italians, producing some of the most celebrated designs in the world. Italy gifts the world with classy and sartorial elegance ahead of the rest. 

Speak English, kiss French, drive German, DRESS ITALIAN, spend Arab and party Caribbean is a saying that we can all embrace, and who can deny when Italians offer an impeccable style that sets the tone for the rest of the world? Italian style defies all fashion rules and comes up with something even better, blending the old and contemporary. It also leaves no room for minimalism because Italian style plays with bold colors and prints, bold hues that get you out of your comfort zone. When it comes to dressing like an Italian, it is all about the fit, the blend, and the ability to dress down or dress up a suit to fit all occasions. It is all about the language of bold colors, classy designs that bring comfort and a chic look. It focuses on separate pieces and tries to make a statement with one piece instead of layering them. Italian style is all about the details

Every dime used on a made in Italy clothing is worth it. About 11 years ago, there was a ban on using the phrase made in Italy in any iteration or language if the product was not made in Italy from scratch; therefore, what you receive is authentic. Italian garments and accessories bring authenticity, quality, fine details, topnotch craftsmanship, classiness, and durability.